Most Data Leak Prevention security solutions are designed
for big business.

Safetica is designed for you.

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Good people make mistakes.
Make sure their accidents don’t compromise your data.

Insider threat detection

Safetica helps you identify and detect insider threats (accidental or deliberate) before your data gets out. We first analyze how data moves in your company to create context for what data to protect.

Once we know what needs to be protected and how, we secure the data in ways that let your people work without leaking sensitive data. Our free technical support team helps you get Safetica up and running quickly and easily, even without a full-time IT team.

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More than half your employees believe they own
your company data.

According to Information Week, 87% of employees take data they created when they change jobs, mostly because they thought it would be useful in their new job. Almost one third took customer contact lists.

Safetica prevents employees from doing this by first identifying those who are most likely to be looking for new employment, so you can lock down their access to data. You can also limit what can be emailed, saved to an external drive, printed, and even captured by a screen grab.

Free Data Audit

Discover Safetica Data Leak Prevention.
It’s enterprise-level data protection for small and
mid-size businesses.

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Data Discovery & Audit

Safetica Auditor measures what people really do and how they work so you know what’s going on with your confidential data.

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Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Safetica DLP prevents sensitive data from being shared inappropriately and employs encryption to render useless to outsiders should it escape.

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Safetica Mobile

Our mobile software allows you to lock and wipe any lost or stolen mobile devices remotely, as well as protect your data on BYOD devices.

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