ESET Endpoint Solutions

ESET Endpoint Security

All-in-one security solution for company endpoints combining a two-way firewall, web control, and remote administration tool.

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ESET Endpoint Antivirus

Antivirus and antispyware protection utilizing cloud-powered scanning, device control, and remote management of clients.

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ESET Secure Authentication

Powerful two-factor authentication (2FA) safeguards your company against costly data breaches due to compromised passwords.

ESET Security Packs

The ESET Security Pack provides cross-platform antimalware protection for small office computers, servers, and mobile devices. Choose an easy-to-manage configuration for 5, 10, or 15 seats.

ESET Business Bundles

Flexible bundled business solutions make it easy to acquire and maintain the optimum security for your growing business.

Real-Time Adaptive Scanning Engine

The Live Grid™ automated file and statistics submission system gives ESET malware researchers an accurate global threat landscape around the clock. Our Virus Lab analyzes threat data to fine-tune heuristic and signature updates, eliminating new threats before they can do harm to your system.

Engineered to be fast, light, and accurate, ESET network security solutions are among most effective malware scanners in the industry. Combined with global malware intelligence and unobtrusive updates, ESET users get maximum virus and internet security protection all the time.

Virus Signatures

Signatures precisely identify malware and were the original approach to detecting malicious code. ESET ThreatSense® enhances this system by significantly reducing the scanning time needed to identify a particular form of malware.

Generic Signatures

As the first step towards proactive protection, ESET analysts create generic signatures that make it possible to capture a larger group of malware, including undiscovered variants of known malware.

Code Analysis

Given the sheer amount and diversity of malware today, ESET code analysis improves the ability to detect any resemblance to known malicious code samples.


ESET subjects suspected malicious code to active monitoring, while it is executed in a protected environment. Based on the code's behavior, ThreatSense® determines whether the given sample poses a threat and immediately flags or eliminates all harmful applications.

A Network Security Group sales representative can provide you with additional information on any of our services. We can also customize a service built around your business needs. You can reach us at 866-QUOTE-50 or to discuss your requirements.