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IDENTIKEY Authentication Server - Overview

IDENTIKEY Authentication Server is VASCO's off-the-shelf centralized authentication server. It is the perfect choice to secure remote access to corporate resources and various types of (web-based) applications, from remote access and SSL VPN to SaaS.

The solution is straightforward and scalable: fit to accommodate the needs of both large and small implementations. It offers complete functionality and management features without the need for significant budgetary or personnel investments. This results in a fast and cost-effective rollout.

IDENTIKEY Authentication Server supports Windows and Linux operating systems on 32-bit and 64-bit platforms.

How It Works

IDENTIKEY Authentication Server verifies authentication requests from standard RADIUS clients against a local database of users. Optional support for existing back-end authenticaton systems is available.

Remote users can establish their identity quickly with an individually assigned DIGIPASS. The DIGIPASS device generates a unique one-time password that replaces insecure static passwords.

Authentication and transaction validation functions can be integrated into existing web-based applications using a built-in SOAP API. One DIGIPASS device can therefore be used for several applications.

IDENTIKEY comes with a flexible licensing system, allowing easy expansion for additional users and applications. This makes it an ideal solution to accomodate your company's growing needs at your own convenience.

Features and Benefits


IDENTIKEY Authentication Server is scalable to support tens of thousands of users, all without impacting the functionality and operability of mission-critical applications. The server can run on multiple platforms and has provisioning for large deployments, such as redundancy, automatic replication, and server failover.


IDENTIKEY Authentication server can be easily expanded to additional users without revamping the existing IT infrastructure. Adding more users and/or applications is as simple as purchasing additional licenses.


IDENTIKEY Authentication Server can be linked to any web-based application via a SOAP API, allowing for easy server modifications. An SDK is provided to allow smooth integration of this functionality into web-based applications.

Easy Installation

IDENTIKEY Authentication Server comes with an intuitive installation wizard to guide you through the setup process from start to finish.

Centralized Web-Based Management

IDENTIKEY Authentication Server features a single web-based administration interface. This centralized management tool is accessible through any web browser from anywhere on the network, allowing for remote administration and presenting new opportunities for outsourced service providers.

Hassle-Free Rollout

A built-in automated deployment functionality reduces help desk involvement. IDENTIKEY Authentication Server offers tools to facilitate a smooth rollout or migration from existing products. Provisioning for software and DIGIPASS for Mobile is available right out of the box.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

IDENTIKEY Authentication Server runs seamlessly on the existing infrastructure and does not require dedicated servers or appliances. Existing databases do not need to be replaced, as the data storage can be integrated in Active Directory, or into a variety of ODBC-compliant databases.

Supported Technologies and Form Factors

  • Multi-Factor Authentication with one-time passwords
  • E-Signatures
  • Hardware DIGIPASS
  • Software DIGIPASS
  • SMS Delivery of OTP
  • DIGIPASS for Web (zero footprint)
  • DIGIPASS for Mobile

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